busker by dittto


by dittto in misc

a banjo player performing on the street at Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

for /barbara ..is one of the tamer looking street performers of the area

..and thanks to LeeAnne for giving the busker a few dollars so i didnt feel bad for taking his picture! he did play a real good banjo though :]

© 2013 addam soule
my photos are not stock..please do not use my art in any way without my permission..thank you :]

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  • Lucifer


    wonderful capture, Addam! and LeeAnne has really good heart :))

    Jul 18th Reply who wants a hug?
  • AditQunyit


    lovely capture

    Jul 18th Reply
  • barfischer


    oh my dear...... thank you so very much for this absolute wonderful gift, thank you for sharing this great street musician...... !!!! Oh this is a precious capture..... wonderfully taken as i just can feel the mood of the music... giving the environment the atmosphere.... i love the banjo.... and as lively as your work is.... i just can feel its rhythm.....
    and i also know now about you was talking in your message of the celtic street musician of mine...
    oh again Addam..... thank you endlessly for this unique work... which enfolds me entirely with the wonderful mood of the West Coast...... thank you

    Jul 18th Reply
    • dittto


      he played the banjo wonderfully and had a modern flavor to it. was nice to sit back an listen, forget that there are thousands of people surrounding us..a brief escape from the chaos of the market! so glad i could share a bit of that feeling..thank you endlessly for your kindness, dear barbara

      Jul 18th Reply
    • barfischer


      i can see his dedication to his instrument... to his music... this gives this magic...... and i can imagine how he wonderfully mixed tradition and modern rhythms......
      yes my dear .... your work enfolds me with this special feeling.... so grateful for your gift.... it truly means a lot to me..... thank you once again... so very much

      Jul 19th Reply
  • Litavis


    Very captivating image,wonderfully captured

    Jul 17th Reply Shadowness Staff
  • JurgenDoe


    gorgeous and wonderful capture

    Jul 17th Reply Shadowness Staff
  • essencestudios


    very nice composition

    Jul 17th Reply Crazy Cat Lady
  • LAlight


    I honestly, seriously, almost posted this one on dA last night!!! I had the page ready and then for some reason stopped myself...guess now I know why! ;)
    love the feeling of the market you've captured here, sweetie..the surreal, floaty feeling I always have when I'm there (dunno why?!) is accurately portrayed in this amazing shot..love your unorthodox tilting of the shot as well. beautiful work, addam..and very proud of you for having the courage to keep shooting.
    he was a really good player! loved listening to him!

    Jul 17th Reply
    • dittto


      whoa..crazy! ill probably just leave this one to share here..so you can have dA yours is better anyhow! shhhh..just nod

      but do appreciate youre very kind and encouraging words! you know im horrible at portraits but do feel i could get into street photography a lil more..just have to not be so shy about!

      thanks sweetie..ill get you the cd if i see him again :D

      Jul 18th Reply
    • LAlight


      nope..no nodding..but will shoosh, just for you..

      welcome sweetie..think you'd be a powerhouse at street photography too..can't wait to practice some more with you!

      Jul 18th Reply
    • dittto


      teehee..definitely have lots of subjects to shoot around here! quite a few in seattle too

      Jul 18th Reply
    • LAlight


      just have to hang out in pioneer square more often..or not! can't decide if I'm even brave enough for that!

      Jul 18th Reply
  • Warlock


    really great shot.

    Jul 17th Reply ♛ Sim Sala Bim ♛
  • Lhianne


    wonderful shot

    Jul 17th Reply http://www.onlyunique.net