archaic by dittto


by dittto in water

to escape the hoards of tourists at the new river gorge bridge and vicinity..LeeAnne took me to a lil place off the trail near the river. place seemed like it had never been seen before..full of life and beauty and void of humans..only blue butterflies and us :) had some interesting light to deal with but hope the solitude that was felt still shows through!

wolf creek..near fayette station in the new river gorge, WV

please dont use my art in any way without my permission..thank you :]

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  • Lucifer


    another amazing pic of amazing place from amazing day for two amazing people :) always love to see pics from you both because it warms my heart :)
    its beautiful, Addam

    Sep 26th, 2012 Reply who wants a hug?
    • dittto

      dittto very kind of you, Lucie..very grateful for the fantabulous words!! thanks dear

      Sep 26th, 2012 Reply
    • Lucifer


      you are always welcome, Addam :)

      Sep 27th, 2012 Reply who wants a hug?
  • barfischer


    ohh.... i just can see the little blue butterflies, sitting on the warm stones for a little while, mostly a few together.... i can feel the virginity of this place.... enfolded only by the soft murmure of the water.... and the velvet light flooding through the wood..... yes Addam.... archaic...... so much archaic and wonderful !!!

    Sep 26th, 2012 Reply
    • dittto


      hehe..hope you cant see me running around chasing those butterflies trying to get a picture of them! very grateful for the wonderful words, barbara..thank you so very much!

      Sep 26th, 2012 Reply
  • essencestudios


    this looks quite magical Addam wonderful!!!

    Sep 26th, 2012 Reply Crazy Cat Lady
  • JurgenDoe


    I like the scene ... this is fabulous

    Sep 26th, 2012 Reply Shadowness Staff
  • LAlight


    Ohhh my gosh, Addam! can't believe how well this turned out! Such beautiful light and color, love how the humidity in the air gave the light something to cling to, creating such an atmosphere of peace. Such a marvelous job here, recreating that magical, clandestine spot we had to ourselves..can feel the butterflies fluttering all around us all over again. Love this, sweetie!

    Sep 25th, 2012 Reply
    • dittto


      so happy for the compliment, sweetie! was a sweet lil spot we had to ourselves..well with the butterflies :D thanks so much for sharing this beautiful area with me

      Sep 26th, 2012 Reply
    • LAlight


      you're most welcome! thanks for enjoying it..have so many cute pics of you chasing butterflies!

      Sep 26th, 2012 Reply
  • Nora


    Just gorgeous!!!

    Sep 25th, 2012 Reply