The Dragon Slayer by ditozero21

The Dragon Slayer

by ditozero21 in My Digital Arts

Hi again everybody..
Still the same me here..
And still in the 'down' mood.. (galau)

For me, to supress that feeling, usually I listen to battle/ metal song..
And really, it made me a bit relieved,, :D
Because of that, I'm starting to get an ideas to draw this..

Simple eh..?
It's a about a S-Rank Bounty Hunter who took a quest to vanquished the ancient flame dragon..
He used 3 swords and a shield as equipments..
The machinery behind his back is designed to help him using his swords..
By connecting the device and swords with chains, the device can control the sword either to attack or protect the bounty hunter..
The ancient flame dragon tried to attack with fire dragon's breath while the bounty hunter tried to evade it..

That's it..
Oh yeah.. Merry Christmas guys for those who celebrate it..
Please give your comments and critics..

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