My Dearly Beloved by ditozero21

My Dearly Beloved

by ditozero21 in My Digital Arts

Ah, I'm so happy recently..
It's because me and my dearest one (her name is Eren) have an anniversary of our relationship! :D
Although it's already 2 days ago, but I still wanted to give something special to her..
So I decided to make a special illustration to celebrate our special day..
Sstt.. she stil don't know what'll I give her,,
I hope I'll surprise her and make her happy :)

this is about a boy and a girl who loves each other purely deep inside their heart..
Their love is so pure, even the animals can feel safe and warm aura around those two..
The boy kiss the girl shyly, and the girl take the kiss from his beloved one..
Their love bring happines to each other and proved to the world that they're destined to be together.. :')

That's ittt!
Please give your comments and critiques..
And if you please, leave a message about our anniversary :)
I can take a screenshot of the message
and print it, so that my beloved one can see how people of this world are supporting us together :D
Thanks agaiinnn!


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