I will pray for you by diabolic

I will pray for you

by diabolic in 2012

She is like a heaven Sphinx, the one taking care of this panet in particular. Watching over us, letting things flow and praying for our salvation.

Model Me
BG http://fav.me/d58eeux
Floor http://vinternv.deviantart.com/art/Premade-Stock-8-314304074?q=boost%3Apopular%20in%3Aresources%2Fstockart%20max_age%3A24h&qo=22
City http://fav.me/d2mz79z
Wings http://fav.me/d598rpz
Dress http://eveningstars242.deviantart.com/art/Gold-Satin-and-Tulle-Gown-301259307 & http://fav.me/d3i5bvs
Corset http://stock4profs.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=corset#/d1f8d3v
Planet http://fav.me/d54pvq2
Fractals http://fav.me/d1rz2oh http://jacoblaren-stock.deviantart.com/art/tricky-53156254?q=favby%3Astarscoldnight%2F46343516&qo=13 http://fav.me/d1u1zy7
Glass http://fav.me/d2akmx7
Smoke http://melyssah6-stock.deviantart.com/art/Smoke-Stock-IV-252688578

the rest was painted in PS CS6..Made this one a month ago, was not happy with the wings untill i found this new one, happy now..thanks :D

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