Graphics Artist • 9937829955

Bhubaneswar, India

I'm an intermediate 2D & 3D artist with experience that I have gained by my own endeavors. My Art is my nourishment and stimulation as well. I'm quite addicted to it and without it I'm just incomplete. I tend to be as creative as possible but certain times I too find myself in stagnation. My dying wish as every artist is to work on a dream masterpiece of my own.

P.S : I needed to add this, I regret on certain things of my life mostly on a fact rather incident where I couldn't speak my heart to the person whom I revere and love. That's the one and most likely the only thing I'd want to do before I die, I want to confess my love about my love. I may not write here her name but just one simple hint, she is a very caring woman. The kind I love and appraise the most, a Doctor.