the renaissance  the soul by derzorvadur

the renaissance the soul

by derzorvadur in Photomanipulations

The Renaissance: the soul
“We are more than we know”
The soul is no other than the inner essence of each living being, by which we have a particular identity “WHO WE ARE” this work talks about the rebirth of the soul, sometimes we humans tend to poison our body, mind and our soul in the process, sometimes we don’t understand that we are who we want to be let that be good or bad, it is always up to us to decide.
© Rëmi Angel 2012

The girl: The subject to change.

The dark Room: Is the mind, it is lonely, dark and it is self destructive.

The bones: That is the old soul, that has been trashed by the girl’s mind throughout her entire life. Now is dust and bones.

The Bird: is the new soul that has reborn.


Face is painted Reference: Model Jessica Stam

Model’s Body Pack: Raven Valentine11

Up part of Dress was painted without reference

Bird was painted: Male Ruby Throated Hummer

Room from IMAGE WAS DELETED | See Image here

Skull bones and Fire on Skulls Bones - 1 | Fire

Fire on bird was painted without reference

Dress Buttons: Mother of Pearl Button

The moon: Moonlit Valley STOCK

© Rëmi Angel
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Created in Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Bamboo fun table

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