...The Charcoal Night... by derzorvadur

...The Charcoal Night...

by derzorvadur in Photomanipulations

||Original Image||

Model: The image of the model is not a stock image, the image belongs to an amazing photographer David Omoyele I found his amazing work one day searching for things in the internet, and luckily for me I found his webpage and I could contact him via EMAIL, and he was so kind to allow me to use his photo. So why don’t you check his amazing work, the picture I used from him you can find it at his gallery in the category beauty is the third picture there.


mjranum-stock | chamberstock | AngelMoon17 | Shoofly-Stock | freaky665 | ecathe | chulii-stock

Other Resources
The background was bought by Ana Fragazzi who kindly gave it away to me back in 2009, so the background I made it blending some of the backgrounds she purchased for me at renderosity market

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