a borrow light by derzorvadur

a borrow light

by derzorvadur in Photomanipulations

-A borrowed light…
Have you ever felt useless, desolated, in other words wothless?, well that was nothing close to what I was thinking about when I started this work, at first, I thought I wanted to portrait loneliness in a subtle and soft way, but then my mood started to change, and this image became from a warm image to a cold image, I started with warm colors but for some strange reason it didn’t feel like me, the colors some how started to turn colder and colder and that’s how this image was born.

A borrowed light: When you have already lost everything and there is no more reason to live for, when your heart is empty and in pieces, we tent to always run away from our problems, thinking that maybe there isn’t a better way, but there is always a way out. A borrowed light is some how another chance to go on, to get to what you’ve always wanted, a reason to go on, and that no matter if you’ve been forgotten in the middle of nowhere, someone is out there to find you.

Specially Dedicated to

Lau Jonbenett aka Ninaste
Because you are my only borrowed light

Resources used
the end of the world by Gro-Bente Bjune check more at Rett's Sxc.hu

Hero by Ozan Uzel check more at Ozan's Sxc.hu

The background of the trees and the moon was purchased by my dear friend Ana Fragazzi and given to me as a gift, she bought it at renderosty market

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Geek-Stock + JLStock + redheadstock

Insan-Stock + mjranum-stock + night-fate-stock

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