Firdous E Bareen by dermonkey

Firdous E Bareen

by dermonkey in school work

The text in the sideboard is like this:

"I fell asleep in a world dressed in grey
Only to awake in a garden divine

There was song and dance and untarnished flesh
A feast for the body and eyes

It was you who brought me here
Yours, whose face greeted me, in the garden of light

You are the face of god

You are my breath
My life, my death"

Final version of '10 semesters Illustration Class.
The theme was 'Illustrated music'. I went for 'The garden of light' by Isis. Though we had only to illustrate one song, this represents the entire album 'The absence of truth'; but especially the last two songs, "Firdous E Bareen" and "The garden of light" , as they basically have the same theme.

The faces below resemble the "transformation" or "dying" of the drugged future assasin and guide the viewer towards
the main picture; which opens up an entire new world/the garden divine. And Hassan's popular teaching, "There is no truth, everything is permitted", applies also here; the viewer may now go on his own journey through the picture and let himself surprise by his own imagination.

I went to an abstract approach, because a too figurative way could have become cheesy too easily. Still, i'm not that happy with it, because i had to take out some elements that were in there before... And also i feel that i just scratched the surface of the theoretical aspect of the entire theme; i could easily work another semester on this.

Still, it looks awesome on a wall :>

Mixed Media. Ink applied on vellum with hair; then taken into photoshop.
The printed size of the big one is A0, which is like 84cm*120cm; the small heads are extra prints arround 20cm*20cm.

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