Same no.23 by derekdavalos

Same no.23

by derekdavalos in My 365 Indie Songs

Same no.23, by Hooray for Earth from the album True Loves

true signs appear in a set
arrive on time
a blurry effect
soothed states in waning worlds
use that weight
say its your own
I'm not agreeing with or hearing everything that you say
there are a million better things we could be doing today
warm eyes have come and gone your way

all free roads on the walk are maybe going to change
won't be sure
not at all
how are we all the same

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My 365 Collage Journal
My art journal, where I create a year’s worth [yep, 365] of art pieces. Doing indie songs as the subject, a song a day in collage or some other art form.

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