Evolution no.21 by derekdavalos

Evolution no.21

by derekdavalos in My 365 Indie Songs

Evolution no.21, by Nada Surf (Mercromina cover) from the album If I Had a Hi-Fi

You dont like nothing that is here
You are looking for extraterrestrial life
In my ship I have space, lets go
Lets go anywhere

Evolution! Evolution!

Since you were a little girl
you liked listening how crunched your engine
Take me, take me far away from here
I can crush, If Im happy

Evolution! Evolution!

A weird bug change its color
Its head distort, its a cyclon
But if you tell me, come here and lets go
I go with you, to the end of the world

Evolution! Evolution!

Click here youtu.be/LVcS2zthWCQ to hear track, and see translated lyrics in the comments section

[Note: a Nada Surf cover originally by Mercromina, it seems it was sung then and here in spanish. Beautiful, gorgeous tune even if you cannot understand it! Go to http://youtu.be/G642UVQSWlI for original song and video]

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