Leavin'Life by dcalonaci


by dcalonaci in Digital Art

Personl quickie, heavily "inspired" (read: copied, plagiarised) by one of my favourite piece of digital art of all time, which happens to be also my newest wallpaper in use: "Bouquet" by Justin Maller and Emeric Trahand.
You can see the original here: http://www.depthcore.com/chapter/obsolete/4740/
Done this as a quick excercise on effects, composition and to make a personal piece to release, since my other new four pieces are blocked.
Hopefully the original artists won't sue me!

Time for the credits:
Skull from MediaMilitia: http://mediamilitia.com/human-skulls-54-free-images/
Renders from K3 Studio: http://k3-studio.deviantart.com/gallery/5547334 (heavily modified here)
Flowers from SXC.hu

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