Happi Kreature 4 by darkeyedstudios

Happi Kreature 4

by darkeyedstudios in Happi Kreature Projekt

Happi Kreats again. This time meet "BETAMAKS" This kreats produce tons of grilled chicken blood everyday, the one you see on every BBQ stall maybe one of his.. LOL.

Thanks http://shadowness.com/banban/ for this wonderful idea..

You might think that this is your ordinary Betamax®, but it is not. It’s actually a street slang for grilled chicken blood.
Wait a minute, did I read it correctly? How can you grill something that is in liquid form? Most of you might be wondering how this happened, let me just give you a brief background on how this is done.
Chicken blood is extracted from the chicken in liquid form. When the blood is placed in an open container and cooled down a little, the texture becomes thicker and somewhat gelatinous. The “gelatinous” blood is scalded to have a more solid form then cut into rectangular pieces. The rectangular blood resembles the shape of a Betamax® tape and this is the reason why it was called such.
I used to have this in the Philippines regularly when I was in my teens. After a tiring basketball game in the afternoon, my friends and I would usually go to the “kanto” (village entrance) and have a feast of Betamax to satisfy our hunger. This is the cheapest merienda (afternoon snack) that we could have during those days. Imagine a serving (3 pcs on a stick) would only cost us a Peso (about 2 to 3 cents USD) during those days.
Grilled chicken blood has no taste at all, it’s not gamy or foul smelling as it may seem. It’s just like chewing something without any taste. The best way to compliment this is by dipping it in vinegar and chili mixture.



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