Happi Doodle 5 by darkeyedstudios

Happi Doodle 5

by darkeyedstudios in Happi Doodle Projekt

Happi Doodle. Dodong Cruz, Who could forget this guy... Their songs that we always play in every drinking sessions, made us sing into videoke bars... :smile ,the song we use to mock others haha.. (joke lang po)..Again freehand lang po ito hehe minsan kc si Rene Requiestas ang tingin ko pag antok na.. LOL... si Dodong po ito. (Got inspired when i watch them play in MYX Tugtugan) so i include him in the projects

Info: Dodong Cruz is the frontman of the hit Rock Band of the 90's here in the Philippines, "The Youth"

Corel Draw X3


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