Happi Doodle 4 by darkeyedstudios

Happi Doodle 4

by darkeyedstudios in Happi Doodle Projekt

Happi Doodle. I am really a big fan of this guy even if they disband, i always listen to their music up to now. To my fellow Noypi's wala po akong reference d2, all freehand pen tool lang so baka hindi kamukha. pero sya po yan hehe (artwork speaks for it self hehe). I put texture on this although i prefer neat vector (maiba naman :smile)

To my foreign shadow fellas, this guy is the frontman of one of the Rock Band icon here in the Philippines, BAMBOO Band, sadly they are now disbanded.

Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as i do.

Rock On (Sinong sawa, Sinong galet.....) :smile

Done in Corel Draw X3
Wood Texture is owned by me

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