Happi Doodle 10 by darkeyedstudios

Happi Doodle 10

by darkeyedstudios in Happi Doodle Projekt

Scary Happi Doodle. Mananangal 2011 Not your typical Manananggal. This time they have guns.. (lol) they are tired of chasing victims so they use guns to kill their prey.. haha (para kakainin na lang).

"Manananggal is a lower mythical creature from Philippine folklore. It is said that this creature disguise as human being by day (some say beautiful lady).. and at night they will do some rituals making their body split into two and grow some wings for hunting. Upon encountering this creature, one must always carry salt and garlic.. Is is said that you should put salt and garlic into it's half body (lower part) so that it's lovely half can never return and be killed by the first ray of sun in the morning."

Corel X3

Hope you'll enjoy this as much as i do...

Rock On!!

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