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I am a self taught photographer. I breath in and exhale Street photography. Still, I have this urge to express myself through photography, so I am very eclectic.
I separate my work into three major areas: documenting human nature, documenting my life and Nature with or without human's influences. Different processes which I can bring to life in a healthy coexistence: one doesn't override the other, no matter how some may imply.
My street photography is as is. My other work is as is.
I only need to validate my work to myself, I imitate no one, so I keep my identity which makes me comfortable enough to make photography my catharsis.
The eternity of a photograph obliterates the ephemeral condition of our presence in the world. I photograph to cheat our dying destiny.

Hope you can enjoy it.
Thank you for your visit.:)
Street site: http://streetphotographypt.wordpress.com/
Another portfolio: http://damien-c.500px.com/#/0