Catching The Afterglow by dSnider

Catching The Afterglow

by dSnider in The Human Touch

This is a shot that was inspired by my buddy Greg (SuharLeonheart) many of you know on here. Back in the day, I came across his amazing work on another site and one shot of his in particular truly struck me. It's one of a fisherman throwing a net from the front of his boat and just took my breath away. Told myself (hopefully) I would get a similar opportunity in life sometime.

Well walking along at sunset in Navarre Beach, Florida gave me this opportunity a few summers ago. Not the same but as soon as I saw this fisherman throwing his net, Greg's shot came to mind and I immediately approached him and asked if he minded me taking a few shots. :) Thanks for the inspiration Greg my friend and I hope you all enjoy this shot!

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