Colors of life by cybergranny

Colors of life

by cybergranny in Traditional

The essential thing to know is that the brown thing is poo. (it's mine btw)
People seems so disgusted now by it, but it's just a natural thing and in some country it's used as energy and for building things. Our society has turned really sterile.
(and poo doesn't always stink it depends of what you have eaten)
I wanted to shake a bit people.

That was the first meaning I wanted to put in that painting but while I was making it, the Japan inserted in it. With the red circle, then I added a bit of waves under the letters and I added a mushroom (not sure if you say same in English, in French we say about the atomic cloud that it's atomic mushroom)
So you can take it in a pessimistic or optimistic way (like their lives is shit or life and nature will grow from the bad things)

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