blochering by cybergranny


by cybergranny in Traditional

Oil painting on canvas
40*50 cm

At first I wanted to paint a monochromatic nude female but looking in the nude folders my eyes just fell on a black bodybuilder male and I don't know how I ended with the idea of painting Blocher's head (I'll explain below who is Mr Blocher) on that black bodybuilder :lol:
And I couldn't paint anything but that haha my mind is weird :D

Mr Blocher is one (racist-xenophob?) influent swiss politician from the right wing side. (UDC) Union democratic center
There has been a big deal with that party this year because of their poster, who was white ships kicking the butt of black sheeps out of the frontier.
Maybe some of you have heard of that.

If you want to know about him, you can go read this [link]

I don't like him, because he's I find he's not sincere and that he acts/lies only for having power and he knows exactly how to attract people... (theme of foreigners and insecurity)
Their party won even the majority at the elections, which was a big change, because it's the only european country who has a right wing sided parlament. :S

But he lost his ministery status, when the federal elections took place, many people from varied parties voted against him and he got ejected. (that was even better because he should have been president this year if he was still ministery:phew: :dance:

I began this painting before that happened, hehe :D, that was premonitory :lol:
All the symbols in background are swiss symbols desintegrating or falling, some are very ironical ;)

I giggled a lot while making that painting :D

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  • dehk


    If its a photo of the painting i feel like the photo could be better yet and doesn't give the original justice. Could be slightly brighter with a lil more punch in the contrast. Other than that, its either this or the pear one is my fav.

    Mar 6th, 2011 Reply
    • cybergranny


      Yes I think that you're right. Thanks for the crit, I'll take a new photo when my painting place can be accesses, lol there a lot of junk in the room haha

      Mar 7th, 2011 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    lol at the flying cow. Very nice work. The face is white and the body is brown? :P

    Mar 6th, 2011 Reply
    • cybergranny


      I'm naughty aren't I?
      And thanks a lot *lick*
      Oh if you prefer talking in French you can.

      Mar 6th, 2011 Reply
  • HellOnAStick


    This is awesome. I'd like to see your reference photos one day. Now i'm looking at good art and getting a history lesson. Awesome.

    Mar 6th, 2011 Reply