Crazy licking paranoid cat :D •

Lausanne, Suisse

The more I paint and the more I discover that I have to learn.

Each painting is a new beginning, a battle, a questioning

ART is a long journey, with byways and breaks. Some people lose themselves along the road, some go straight ahead, some go back.
But at the end we always realise that it's a neverending road.

What can we say about my art?
Unexpected? Bizarre? Intense? Disturbing?

I don't know if it is possible to describe my art.
I would say that it is a mixture of several movements: surrealism, expressionism, impressionism etc. ^^ (if you have an idea I'd be curious to know how you would describe it)
It is evolving like me.
I can not say that there is an artist who really inspired me, it's true that I love Miro, Paul Klee, Dali and surrealism but I feel closer for now of Francis Bacon.
My universe is made of a lot of imagination, contradictions, quirks, fun and mischief and a little of cynicism ^^
What prompts me to create is the emotions I feel, the things that make me giggle, that revolt me or that exasperate me, in short it's feeling that makes me feel alive!

6 years ago I never imagined that I would be painting a day! Life is mysterious and sometimes surprising.

I switched from the computer to traditional painting through photography and all that because of small animated signatures on a forun hehe. I can only thank the teacher's workshop drawing because he pushed me to do oil paintings. I was terrified at the beginning because it was only 6 months that I was drawing and it was an unknown world for me but I fell in love very quickly!

Now I prefer much more traditional painting compared to digital. Painting is so much more sensual! The smells, touch, freedom of movement I absolutely love it. :D
I'll always have a place for digitalart and photography.