Kamikaze Falls by cuber

Kamikaze Falls

by cuber in 3D Concept Art

Based on a true story of a Kamikaze pilot sent on his last mission, whose plane malfunctioned, crashing before he reached his goal. I will leave you decide whether he got the second chance or not :)

Used programs:
- Maya with mental ray (modeling, light, textures, rendering)
- Mudbox (texturing, sculpting)
- ZBrush (terrain sculpting)
- UV Layout (for creating UV maps)
- Onyx (for generating trees)
- Ivy generator

Technical data:
- 15 tree species (palms and eucalyptus), 4 bush species, 7 other plant species with 6-7 shape variations.
- poly count: 200,000,000 polys.
- rendered with mental ray physical sun and sky.
- render time (animation ready, 1920x1080) - 35min
- render time (still frame, volumetric fog, 2880x1800) - 6.5 hours

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