Feather Earrings by ctJemm

Feather Earrings

by ctJemm in Traditional

She loves those feather earrings - she can't have too many. She's found a new freedom in them.

She wears them all year round; they make her think of freedom and that grand-monday-tuesday masquerade.

"A little party in my Monday Coffee", she says. "I can get away with it", she says.

On every whim she buys a new pair, as she feels intoxicated by their opulence.

With every pattern, some bird has sacrificed for her esteem, and she doesn't mind.

Addicted she remains, until she finds a new way to avoid regular life.

--In honor of my dearest friend Marta who showed me how wonderful markers can be! Done completely with copics and pitt pens.

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