Flor De Loto by cr-carlos

Flor De Loto

by cr-carlos in Portraits

Original Size: Tabloid 11 x 17 (inches).
Date: Originally done in February 2010.
Referential Model: the original photo appears in the national geographic issue from december 2004.

When Enrique Bunbury wrote the theme “Flor De Loto” the lyrics was inspired in a little child that he met in a trip for Nepal, but this song had to me a completely different meaning when I saw a stunning portrait included in the National Geographic magazine from December 2004, I was shocked with the stunning expression of the gaze of a little girl in the middle of the Afganistan border, one of many places desolate by the cruel war.

In that moment I knew that I had to do a illustration of that shot, so this is my protest for all kind of belic conflicts of this earth, because the children always had the worst part on these confrontations without sense.


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