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Niagara, Canada

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Christopher O'Hoski studied art history, painting, drawing, design and arts education at Sheridan College, the Dundas Valley School of Art.

O'Hoski primary creates his work using Acrylic and Oil, but still finds favour in using Watercolour.

To date, Christopher has exhibited in New York, Montréal, London, Los Angeles, Washington and Toronto - while recently being published in International Contemporary Artists Volumes I, II, III & IV (textbooks) out of New York and Greece. Chris was also featured in Living Artists of Today Vol. I., published in March of 2012.

O'Hoski's work is held in many private collection in North America, Europe and Australia.
Chris' work, like many artists, is a process of growth. With a love for Chiaroscuro, O'Hoski's paintings often
feature dramatic lighting, and emotional representation. Three of Chris' series, Hypnagogia, The Twelve Steps to
Immortality and Spatial Traditions have often been described as “moody and stark”, while being subtle.

Né au Hamilton Ontario, Canada, Christopher O'Hoski a étudié en histoire de l'art, peinture, dessin, design,
et l'enseignement artistique au Collège Sheridan, l'École d'Art Dundas Valley et le Conservatoire Royal.

Christopher peint essentiellement en acryliques et en huiles, mais se trouve souvent inspiré par l’aquarelle.

Christopher a exposé à New York, Montréal, London, Los Angeles, Washington and Toronto.

Récemment, sont travail a été représenté dans le manuel International : Contemporary Artists Vol. I, II, III & IV ,publié en Athènes, Grèce.