Black Rose by cdka

Black Rose

by cdka in Minimalist

The begining of a new serie, more "minimalistic"...

Made with Jwildfire and Photoshop CS6

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  • fmg


    Wow, I'll be your fan starting today. Your works are awesome. I wonder how'd you do this.

    Jun 13th, 2013 Reply
    • cdka


      Hello, and thank you very much for you nice comment !
      How I do this ? Not very difficult I must say, but not very easy too...
      Begining by creating a fractal with JWildfire, than working on that fractal until you reach something that you like and render it.
      And finally work again on it in Photoshop to delete what you want see, to give depth and perspective with the help of some filters (in particulary the fractalius filter from Redfield), and the finalisation of the work is done by adding some light effects and shadows to increase the realism.
      Light and shadows are the key...

      Jun 18th, 2013 Reply
    • fmg


      I'm sorry for the late response. It's been a long time I hadn't opened my account here in Shadowness because I had been busy for work.
      Oh wow, so that's how you did it. Very nice, huh. I hope I could have that JWildfire you said so I could try.
      But really awesome huh. Keep up.

      Jun 27th, 2013 Reply
  • essencestudios



    Your art is very inspirational to all of us artists and at Shadowness we like to thank our amazing artists for all they do, to show our appreciation for you, your artwork has been featured in todays Daily Inspiration #823

    Jun 8th, 2013 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    stunning and wonderful

    Jun 4th, 2013 Reply Subscriber
    • cdka


      Héhé ! I knew that you would like this one Jurgen :)
      Many thanks for the fav :)

      Jun 4th, 2013 Reply
    • JurgenDoe


      You're very welcome :)

      Jun 8th, 2013 Reply Subscriber