Shadow Forest by carmieantonio

Shadow Forest

by carmieantonio in Digital

I'm back! XD been away for quite long~
this is my attempt in digital photo manipulation, i was inspired by the music of Nox Arcana-Shadow Forest and found this comment from one of the viewers:

A forest enshrouded by the deepest shadows Secrets lying within gossamer mist Trees of ancient and arcane lore Cries of souls whom wander eternal. Sylvan spirits lift their voices in´╗┐ their solemn hymn Raise thy voice to the stars with the wolves, my kin. For tonight at the darkest hour The moon will risse in the bloodshed light. Softly the fae crawl out from their homes Safe from the prying eyes of man To remember the ones they used to know In the long past ages of old.~

and for this beautiful lady from deviantArt - (Lady-Moriendistock)

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