Dream Weaver •


I am Skot Vessel...aka...caddman... the Dream Weaver

‘Am Older than dirt and younger than sand’
Heritage: German, Dutch, Irish, Scottish & North America (Haida) Indian

9 things about me…
1. Dream in both color and black & white
2. Pen all my poems on a yellow ruled pad with a red colored pencil
3. Collect round oval egg shape rocks
4. Read graphic novels...favorite the sandman by Neil Gaiman
5. Enjoy a shot of ice please
6. Have a photographic memory to history dates and detail
7. Have a passion for hot curry
8. Can paint using both left and right hand
9. The number nine, crows and ravens are my totem in life

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Acknowledgments and Awards

• Daily Deviation Deviant Art
• Co-Founder of the Designing Divas--Deviant Art
• Co-Founder of the Dark Artists-Inc--Deviant Art