mad scientist meth drama 1 by bubbleburster

mad scientist meth drama 1

by bubbleburster in Reality wastedump

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I reckon a picture should come with a story, which is definately true in this case.

Zim, the guy in the picture who is and looks like a mad scientist, is a friend of mine through many years. During the times we have been making projects together, vj-shows etc. He's a very bright mind.. a little dark in the edges though.

For 3 years we had a large photo studio and office together. One evening in april 2009, 2.30 in the evening. I was working on some presentation pictures for a Killer Clown theme party we were having. Me, a friend of mine Jesper and Marius I run my company with, had just been smoking a big joint and we were just getting at rolling up number 2 a little while later.

Then the door to the studio goes up and in comes Zim together with 4 guys that I've never seen before. They were all standing in the part of the studio that were a photo area and looking up at us while we were sitting at a plateau where we had our office and lounge area. We couldn't really see them properly because that part of the studio was unlit. The whole situation seemed a little odd. Either they were pulling a practical joke on us or something was wrong. One of the guys then came up to me. Flipped out his badge and a search warrant. Said he came from the polices narcotics department. Of course there was nothing else than the weed we were smoking.

Turned out Zim had been caught with production of ½ kilo meth amphetamines at the university where he was working as a part time teacher.

In january 2010. Zim was still waiting for the final parts of the drug trials. Whole situation would propably have turned into a shitstorm if it werent for the gang war that were raging in Copenhagen that caught most of the media attention. He weren't really affiliated with any organized crime so the police wasn't that interested in him.. so case just dragged in an eternity.

We were going to leave the studio by the 1st of february so he had to come in and remove the stuff he had in there. I had accidently thrown away a trolley he had to use for carrying some heavy equipment. So him and his friend Thermo got idiotic drunk in some sponsor booze leftovers from one of our parties I had stored in the studio. Zim sends me a text message that says he's sorry that he made a mess. He'll clean up tomorrow.

My fear at that time was that there were a party in the studio. Me and my ex girlfriend had just left each other and I had all my belongings in the studio while I was getting ready to move into a new place. New studio and new apartment was quite stressing since both demanded a lot of work and we had to be out of the studio 4 days after. I tried to got hold of Zim, but I got his friend Thermo on the phone. He said Zim was too drunk to take the phone but he had just stopped him from throwing some large object out of the window(we had our studio in one of the top floors of the building). I raced through town on my bicycle. Furious.

When I came into the studio. Place was trashed. It looked way worse than it actually was. Things destroyed was things that more or less had to be thrown out anyhow, but that was very hard to tell. Pissed as I was I ended up in argument with Zim. Then he broke down crying and said he couldn't withstand the pressure of waiting for the trials.

Then him and his friend Thermo got this idea. They wanted to ease the situation by posing nude in the studio, in the middle of the freaking mess they made themselves.

So here it is.

The Mad Scientist Meth Drama.

When they finally left (and the pictures I've posted here are far from the most disturbing ones) I kinda laughed my ass off all by myself.. thinking of the madness of the whole situation. Zim has later been very enjoyed by the fact that he actually managed to provoke me by giving me a chance to make pictures I can't almost stand to look at myself. I think I'll go for Vice Magazine with the more disturbing shots.

Another day in the office I guess.

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  • FangedFem


    Another great shot! I hope it all works out for you and also for Zim =)

    May 11th, 2011 Reply