Shadowness - Randompopular A tight-knit community for art enthusiasts of all level where they can post work and receive feedback. en Don't go by x4ny <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Wanted to practice painting from reference so I took this screenshot from "Dream High" (korean drama). I started off drawing it semi-realistic ... but ended up copying the reference when I started painting. Really hate the hands... and everything's a bit off... but it turned out ok. Capturing the guy's expression was pretty hard too. He doesn't look as emotional as he is in the reference. =( Planning to do more of these for practice. [EDIT] Fixed her hand. It looks slightly better. Thu, 24 Feb 2011 17:22:07 -0500 Red Hot Chilli Peppers II by pikaso <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Red Hot Chilli Peppers re post. This is my fourth vector art. Featured at <a href="" target="blank"></a> Fri, 12 Aug 2011 12:33:14 -0400 s p e c i e s by CreativeOne <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />~s p e c i e s~ "On the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, we gain no scientific explanation." ~Charles Darwin~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ©2014 CreativeOne @ Shadowness aka Michael Evans & Creativemikey @ Deviantart Michael Evans Photography My works are created by myself using my own imagination and creativity. Please do not use - copy, reproduce, manipulate, reprint, redirect, redistribute or claim my photography without written permission. You can also follow me here :o) <a href="">Website</a> <a href="">DAPortfolio</a> <a href="">Onlyunique</a> <a href="">Facebook</a> <a href="">Flickr</a> Thu, 03 Apr 2014 20:57:46 -0400 Chibi Ulet by obrex <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br /> Sat, 29 Oct 2011 08:01:32 -0400 johns by johnsdue <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br /> Sun, 17 Apr 2011 20:12:03 -0400 Birds vs Sir Monkey by Gallus <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Credits: My Site/Portfolio: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 09:26:34 -0500 effectmagz by Indramaoelana <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br /> Wed, 01 May 2013 02:41:23 -0400 Lilith by SugarFlesh <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />This is our new baby for HM12 Substantia Sun, 24 Feb 2013 19:34:43 -0500 Self Portrait by LaszloNemeth <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br /> Mon, 31 Oct 2011 18:13:11 -0400 ''I've Seen It All'' by Amiltarea <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />mod: bg: My Official Fan Page on FB: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 13:06:55 -0400