amateur Photographer •

I am a mystery not revealed, bathed by metal and gothic culture, since for a long time. The drawing, the painting and the writing allow me to release my feelings and my anger after a dark year in 2006.

In 2009, I create an illustrated gothic tale, a dark, poetic and tortured love story, where get involved the images, the words and the sound. This tale will be edited in the Publishing Editions of Riez and will be available in january 2011. Also, I participate in a book which is going to bring out soon on the theme of the strangeness and some chaos, in which he wrote two short stories on vampires .This book will be presented in Paris during evening.

I devote my time now, for the photography , these photos of which reveal a little more my secret universe.

The photo is for me a sensation, an emotion, a feeling, a story, an experience, a suggestion, a small bit of oneself , a small bit of nothing. A fusion between the photographer, his camera and its vision who, as a perfect alchemy, transport us between feelings and dreams.

To be continued...
Bloody countess