Artificial Generative Architecture by billelis

Artificial Generative Architecture

by billelis in My art

This is part 2 of my architecture concept.this is a short film. click here to vew:

Artificial Generative Architecture from billy bogiatzoglou on Vimeo.

Make sure you watch in HD

Final year project for Digital Art and Technology at the University of Plymouth

Music By Rylen Audio​rylenaudio#1485932/​MUSIC

This project is based on the concept of artificial generative architecture.Imagine a future where humanity is extinct due to wars and destruction of the ecology but somehow artificial forms of architecture begin to emerge and create a sustainable protected form of architectural matter where the occupant is no one. A way of nature and technology highlighting in a sarcastic way the overutilisation of their resources.

Generative Architecture
Alexander Apostol

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