Tell me about Scotland.... by barfischer

Tell me about Scotland....

by barfischer in Scotland

Scotland has a very old history. So you will find history almost on each edge of the awesome landscapes. I will relate to them a little in my next uploads.
This castle is the Ardvreck Castle at the Loch Assynt, it dates from the late 15th century, and it was the seat of the MacLeods... a Clan with important influence. Of course there exist a ghost story of this castle.......
The story tells that the MacLeods procured the help of Clootie (a Scottish name for the Devil, deriving from 'cloot', meaning one division of a cleft hoof) to build the castle and in return the daughter of one of the MacLeod chieftains was betrothed to him as payment. In despair of her situation, the girl threw herself from one of the towers and was killed. Since.... you can hear her weeping in dark nights from the middle of the Loch Assynt....

With this first picture of Scotland i am back again...

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