Wait, this isn't a photo?! by axl99

Wait, this isn't a photo?!

by axl99 in XXX

I came across some screens from Gamespot for this game called Kane & Lynch: Dead Men [XBOX 360] and I just couldn't believe the quality in some of their promo work.

It's sick. It's excessive. It's CRAZY! You can see every darned pore on their faces! The fibres on their jackets! And the guy with the glasses looks like John Malkovich!

Word has it the game might have a movie deal in the works. If any of you remember a game called "Hitman", it's pretty much by the same guys at IO Interactive. Funny enough, there's supposed to be a HITMAN MOVIE comin up October 2007. You can see the trailer on Youtube or when you're checking out that new Die Hard movie comin up.

Man if real time graphics were to look like this on average someday, maybe studios will start competing with each other for better gameplay.

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  • luminire


    i should check this game out then. i'm getting the 360 elite in a week or two. =]

    Jun 28th, 2007 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    real-time graphics are far from looking like this. this is probably not raw 3D but retouched on photoshop.

    i don't really think it's that impressive in the sense that this has been done so many times before in term of 3d quality. big budget movies like spider-man are basically 3d in many of their scenes.

    Jun 28th, 2007 Reply