Samsung e900: my new phone! by axl99

Samsung e900: my new phone!

by axl99 in XXX

It's hardly uber sexy design-wise in comparison to the Iphone or the Chocolate, but it works and I'm happy. It was a tough choice between this or the Sony Ericsson K550, but I was able to walk away with my new Samsung for $280 CAD.

The buttons on the top are touch sensitive so I don't really have to press down hard at all. The ones on the sides I have to hold down for a couple seconds to open up the camera/mp3 functions or even adjust the volume of the keypad. Just slipping the top up and down is so much fun with my hands.

Haven't actually tested all its functions out as of yet, but I'll sit down with the manual and figure it out step by step. Best part of all, apparently I can use this baby anywhere in the world @_@!! Ahh, Imma have fun with this thing.

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  • luminire


    my sister has the same phone as this, but maroon in color.
    my sony ericsson k800i is SOO much better than this. ;p

    Jun 28th, 2007 Reply
    • axl99


      I would've gotten me that one as well, but I'd rather save a couple hundred dollars more towards a Macbook Pro y'know what I'm sayin hehe ;)?

      One thing the K550 has over the k800/k810 is the shutter cover is a lot stiffer to slide open, so the camera won't turn on automatically in your pocket for instance and waste battery life in the process.

      Jun 28th, 2007 Reply
    • luminire


      i've had it for like half a year now and that never happened to me. ;p

      Jun 29th, 2007 Reply
    • axl99


      Good fer you :D

      Jun 29th, 2007 Reply
    • luminire


      mwaaahahahaha! *bows*

      Jun 29th, 2007 Reply
  • Tricks


    Me nokia n73 could even talk with yours, were gonna have to exchange numbers jess :D

    Jun 15th, 2007 Reply Staff :D need help? PM me
  • Sophie


    oh whoa! for a second there when I saw the icon when I visited your portfolio I was like wow hey my mom has that phone but then now it's magnified the keyboard on yours looks so much sexierrr :D

    Jun 15th, 2007 Reply
  • DGangJ


    wondering on if i should go for the W880i sonyericsson or the nokia n73
    not that big fan of samsung myself, never tried them tho.
    anyways gratz :P

    Jun 14th, 2007 Reply
  • richholt


    ooo I think i've seen this phone, very slim me thinks! sexy!

    now i need a new phone! I have a brick at the mo.. >_<

    Jun 14th, 2007 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    o nice! congrats on the new phone. smaller is sexy.

    Jun 14th, 2007 Reply