My new animation table! by axl99

My new animation table!

by axl99 in XXX

Today I just bought me a $99 animation table from Curry's, the only one left in the store. It's basically this wooden foldable/portable table with a hole in the middle to put my black animation disk in. The light is from one of my spare IKEA desk lamps.

It's probably a bit of a mindless purchase on my part, but I really can't stand having to kneel at a glass coffee table for an hour LOL.

Earlier on I was with my Dad at a local Chinese mall looking for new cellphones; somehow along the way he forgot to meet up with me when we split to wander around and went straight home. I waited and looked for him for 3 hours carrying this thing on my shoulders before giving up and walking back alone. Helluva 15-20 min exercise I'm tellin' ya -_-;;;,.... Soon as I got back, I was sanding down some of the rough wooden edges by hand since carrying this thing kinda hurt LOL.

I'm working on a new sketch at the moment, and hopefully I'll be done cleaning it up tonight. Mr Tinypants, this one's for you:

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  • Ruairdridh


    This is certainly exciting! I am rather jealous, myself :) Your image here has been added to Motionography, the Shadowness Animator's group: /motion

    Feb 23rd, 2011 Reply
  • hawkeye


    Curry's + Ikea = my idea of heaven ^^

    Jul 1st, 2007 Reply
    • axl99


      S'funny, most of the furniture in my room is from IKEA..... How sad is that?

      Jul 1st, 2007 Reply
    • hawkeye


      ...mine too. but i like it :)

      Jul 1st, 2007 Reply
  • Sophie


    that price is totally worth it considering that light tables here are like.... so expensive! do you always have to prop the table against a light? or does it come with a light already?

    Jun 15th, 2007 Reply
    • axl99


      The table already has something to prop itself up with, I can adjust it a little higher or lower as I need it to be. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a light, so I've been using one of my spare desk lamps.

      Jun 18th, 2007 Reply
  • Tricks


    You bought one and you could have made one for less than 10 bucks i reckon! Lol

    Jun 13th, 2007 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    that's sch a ciij sketch. ciij being "cool" but i somehow type it wrong.

    that table looks intriguing.

    Jun 13th, 2007 Reply
  • DGangJ


    looking nice already jessie :)

    Jun 13th, 2007 Reply