Irezumi Onna WIP by axl99

Irezumi Onna WIP

by axl99 in XXX

My new work-in-progress image!

The phrase "Atai no hake wa anata no katana yori tsuyoizou!" pretty much translates to "My brush is mightier than your sword!" [If someone could help write all that in Japanese, I'd be eternally grateful :)!]

I'm debating on background ideas, the one I have up now is a stop gap until I figure out something more solid. Another idea I was chewing on was having a huge wallscroll hung near the back, rolling all the way to her feet, then having the text follow the contours of the scroll...


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  • 7Shadows


    can't wait for this to come alive. the characters looks weirdly distorted tho... but kinda cool.

    Jul 25th, 2007 Reply