Braving the Caverns by ashleyq

Braving the Caverns

by ashleyq in Commissions

At the end of September, Meagan Marie of Crystal Dynamics told me about the digital exhibition the team would be unveiling throughout October to celebrate 15 years of Tomb Raider. She also mentioned that she wanted to get some fans in on the artistic action--It probably goes without saying that I didn't need a whole lot of persuading to say yes.

Here's my somewhat verbose description of the direction I was hoping to achieve:
Two of the attributes that made Lara so appealing to me are her beauty and strength. I wanted to keep those characteristics evident in this portrait, but also present the uncertainty and even fear that Lara must overcome in the 2012 title. As an artist, I love to play with bold colors and strong lighting, and I felt that cave setting illuminated with a few torches would be a great way to incorporate my personal style in the piece. I didn’t want the colors to offset the foreboding atmosphere of the caves, however, so I opted to show the eerie human-sized cocoons that hang from the crevice and a menacing silhouette in the background.

And lastly, if you want to download wallpapers and icons of various sizes, check out the official Tomb Raider Flickr:

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