Everything In Waves by ascendingstorm

Everything In Waves

by ascendingstorm in Digital Painting

"Everything In Waves" By Jeffrey Smith
Website: www.ascendingstorm.com

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://juddmadden.bandcamp.com/album/everything-in-waves

"Reality, energy, perception, matter, cosmos. Everything is amazing and we're here to experience it." -Judd Madden

I'm honored to present the cover art for one of my favorite musicians, Judd Madden.
Today (6/5/2014) "Everything In Waves" is available for download, free or name your price.
I created 10 different paintings for each of the 10 tracks on the album. Every download includes high resolution wallpapers and PDF file for the album.

Download & experience this crushing new release by Australia's doom master.

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