Digital Artist •

, Greece

Orina is a 23-years-old digital artist, born and raised in Greece. Since her younger years she loved spending time drawing and painting, always along with music. Her passion gradually became habit, and after finishing high school she went into university to study architecture, which allowed her to draw repeatedly and sharpen her abilities with all the chances this fine science offers.

Among her interests, is obviously music, mainly rock and symphonic metal. It depends on the mood though, she can really listen to everything. Beloved music for her is the music of Nightwish, since she thinks that their songs always touch and express the beauty in the dark, inspire and make people dream. She’s pretty much of a book-worm, and she reads novels like crazy. Then she loves motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson, and she trully believes that they’re the best human invention.

Feel free to talk to her, she doesn't bite, unless you ask for it ;)