by artofdebimendez

"I PAINT YOUR IDOLS." TRADITIONAL PORTRAITS (painted by hand) (WATERCOLOR, oil, or ACRYLIC paints) . Subjects maybe beautiful, odd, eccentric, ugly, or horrific. "I'm worst at what I do best, and for this GIFT, I feel blessed."--Nirvana (ARTIST NOTE: THESE ARE DONE FOR THE SAKE OF MY RELAXATION & ENTERTAINMENT. I DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTIONS IN SELLING THEM, OR PROFIT FROM IT. THIS IS NOT RELATED TO MY WORK AS A M.A.C. MUA. I DO IT as a hobby, AND FOR my love of ART only. I'VE BEEN DOING THIS KIND OF ART SINCE DAY 1...MEANING, EVEN BEFORE EVERYTHING STARTED WORKING OUT. They, THE PAINTINGS, stay at my room and that's about it. On the other hand, this is my continuation of my late uncle's art. He's a painter, too. He left the world without me, witnessing his artistry. So, I am making it up to him. & thankful for this mission. THEREFORE, THIS ALBUM WAS MADE TO ENTERTAIN A VIEWER'S EYE OF MY PERCEPTION in ARTISTRY... ALL FOR THE SAKE OF ART. WHEN ART IS MADE, IT IS MEANT TO BE SHOWN TO EVERYONE, & NOT KEPT FROM ONE'S EYE. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, I believe that our gifts are only passed on to us by our forefathers & generations. & that the MISSION is for us to liberate ourselves from expressing it. COMMENTS ABOUT MY ART ARE WELCOME. Thank you.) ======================= ORIGINAL ARTWORKS & PAINTINGS BY © DEBI MENDEZ