Contemporary Artist •

Broken Hill, Australia

My name is Tanya Marie and I was born and still reside in the outback town of Broken Hill, NSW, Australia. I am a self-taught artist which began with a little extra talent drawing as a child; sketching and dabbling with acrylic as a teenager; and a much loved hobby as an adult... now, after 2 beautiful children and some gruelling life lessons, I am attempting the leap from hobbyist to Professional Artist. I am currently being represented by Agora Gallery, Chelsea New York!

I am a self proclaimed perfectionist which resonates in my artwork, particularly in my lines. I love the eye-catching, boldness of acrylic, the beauty of intense colour and the exoticness of the female form. I predominantly use geometric shapes and contrasting colours or images to make my pieces pop! Also, many of my artworks include hidden images cunningly pieced together to form the final embodiment. I am absolutely still growing and learning what I am capable of as an artist, specifically experimenting with application techniques. I dream to one day open my own small gallery on the coast, but for now I am more than happy and very excited to see where the winding road takes me. I hope you enjoy the few pieces I have collected here. Unique pieces you will love!