The Phantom of the Ship by armilar

The Phantom of the Ship

by armilar in Portfolio | Digital Pictures

I think the title can explain the picture.
I tried in this picture to use not many colors, working with a limited pallete. I also tried to create a sad and abandoned atmosphere.
I had lots of fun painting the ship, originally the background of picture wasn't supposed to look like this, the ship was supposed to be a bit far from the ghost, but when I restarted it I started sketching a bit more and this angle of the ship seamed pretty good.
I also like how the skin colours look in this picture, it was very hard to paint this skiin colors, because I wanted to make a cold skin look, and it was really difficult, but I like the result.

This was done in Photoshop CS2, not with a mouse this time, but with an NGS pen (thanks to my boyfriend!!!)
I also tried a bit of painter in this picture but just a really tiny bit, 0,1% painter 99,9% photoshop ehehe

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