Like a virgin by aquasixio

Like a virgin

by aquasixio in Six Inside

I already know how love becomes a drug.
I exist only when my angel is near me,
And a day without hug is dull and tasteless.
But this is the first time I feel like myself.

I already learn how love can change into a river.
When a fresh water floods the emptiness inside,
and a shiver of delight pushes back my desert.
But this is the first time my nature takes its course.

I already heard how love seems like a rose.
Its death reminds of the fragility of what I possess,
And its petals open out in the fear of separation
But this is the first time the thorns do not hurt me.

I already knew when love turns into a fire,
I've been burned by illusions and ideals,
The fire is uncontrollable when one is blind,
But today, I am catching fire for the really first time.

Time : 35 hours
Software : Photoshop CS2
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

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