La fable du kangourou by aquasixio

La fable du kangourou

by aquasixio in Six Inside

The fable of the kangaroo

We are in a zoo, it is night.
It is empty, no visitors, no noise.
Time passes slowly when you're alone.

On the left, a pelican looks worried.
Passive, its beak is full to bursting
He eats without envy, to spend the night.

On the right, an ostrich is hidden, discretely.
She shoves his head into the ground, it's a tree.
She can't see the world but the world sees her.

In the pond, a crocodile becomes agitated,
It makes noise, he splashes water everywhere,
He fights against person, maybe the boredom.

In front of us, a female kangaroo is asleep,
She's alone but displays a discreet smile,
She has escaped and played with the night.
She seeks the stars behind the clouds,
She redraws the night and harvest treasures,
Waking up the morning and greet the new day.

When the empty is as much inside as outside,
We can try to fill it, to hide or to fight against,
Rather than meet him and play with it.

Time : 11 hours
Software : Photoshop CS2
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

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