Kiss of paradise by aquasixio

Kiss of paradise

by aquasixio in Six Inside

The time is broken and vast is the sky.
Submerged with the beauty of life,
I don't thank nor a god, neither a satan.
My thoughts are aimed at Mother Nature,
for this precious second, in paradise.

My watch has stopped and huge is my regard.
Overcoming with positive feelings,
there is something inside which needs to explode,
and my heart is beating so fast, so fast.
Only one second left...

And the time is coming to break the chains,
to let problems escaping like dark crows,
to free the rage for life, bitting the delicate sun,
for only one second, being in seventh heaven.
before falling savagely in the arms of Father Work, once again...

Time : 18 heures
Software : Photoshop 7
Tool : graphic tablet
Character : Sixio

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