Graphic Designer Illustrator • http://www.facebook.com/erna.doctolero

Manila, Philippines

I am a Graphic Artist, Fashion Illustrator, Photographer, a Registered Nurse, and an aspiring writer who loves Art in its many forms and media. I consider myself a novice into the multimedia art world, yet I have the utmost passion and perseverance to become a professional artist. I don't have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts or Multimedia Arts. As an artist, I am self-thought, but with the help of my artist cousins, youtube, vimeo and of course VXV and shadowness tutorials. I believe in the saying that TALENT is TALENT; and as Paolo Coehlo put it into words, if you really want something the entire universe will unite in order for you to achieve that dream. It is called Maktub or beginner's luck or buena mano. I love where I am now. I am presently working at an Events Magazine as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and a Layout Artist. I have never been this fulfilled before. I like what I do and everyday I feel excited to get to work.