Walking on Lava by animalartist16

Walking on Lava

by animalartist16 in Traditional Artwork

My final art project in AP Art my senior year of High School. (Done almost 2 years ago now)

FUN FACT: Did you know salamanders were once believed to be born from fire? Tis because they used to dwell in logs that people would set on fire, and they would run out to escape the fire, which led superstitious peoples to believe they were created from the fire.

Materials: For the salamander: Marker base, prismacolor (colored pencil) details
For the background: Watercolor base with salt/sugar for texture, prismacolor details
Splatter: Acrylic paint and some prismacolor for accents
Time: Maybe 6-8 hours?

Used a reference picture of a salamander in a National Geographic magazine I believe, it was in the art room.

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