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Photographer AngeliqueRaindrops, better known throughout her sites as Josefina, (yes, you may call her Josie) began her love for photography a little over three years ago. Since then, her interest in photography both as a career and a hobby has only grown.

It started with DeviantArt, one of the largest art sites the internet has to offer, but quickly branched out to many other sites as her love for social networking grew. Within a few months she had established herself primary as a nature photographer, but quickly began to branch out, covering everything from macro, to tattoo design to the international love of Danbo. Her expansive travel across the central, southern and eastern states have encouraged her to carry a camera wherever she goes.

For those who wonder, her inspiration comes from her "soundtrack of life", and her deep connection to music. "Some people say that they would be dead without the music, most mean that figuratively, I mean that literally." Other inspiration is found amongst her favorite artists: Phillip-John Hopkins, Jamie Perry, Joe McGuire, Clara McGuire, Sophia Filipelli, and the famed Jaime Ibarra.

She hopes that over the next several years she will be able to continue her traveling throughout the summer, perhaps even getting the chance to study abroad in England, Australia, or Italy.

She's currently studying communications & psychology, and is planning a double minor in criminal justice and photography at one of the smaller campuses of Penn State University.

Upcoming Projects:

AngeliqueRaindrops Photography For The Penn State Altoona Black Student Union Fashion Show-TONIGHT
AngeliqueRaindrops Photography For The Grier School Dance Show-TOMORROW
Artist Nude Shoot With Carla Johnson From Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine-JUNE
Glamour/Pin-Up With Clara McGuire & Jessica Dawn-JUNE
Tattoos/Pin-Up & Latex Shoot with Miss Mischeif-JUNE
Pregnancy Shoot & Family Portriats with Sophia Filipelli & The Robinson Family-LATE JUNE
Friends Wedding-LATE AUGUST

For Photography Contact:

***I'm always looking for models willing to work TFP***